Monday, February 27, 2012

History on St. George Utah Things To Do !

St. George Utah

Earlier Native American inhabitants of the St. George area included the Virgin River Anasazi, who left evidence of their presence in the rock art and archaeological sites that remain. The first recorded Euro-Americans to visit the area were the Dominguez-Escalante Party in 1776; they were followed by fur trappers, including Jedediah Smith, and still later by government survey parties. try our new St. George Thing To Do 

St. George LDS Temple
These are beautiful grounds. You can't actually enter the Temple unless you are a member of the LDS faith, but there is a very nice Visitor's Center, and you can enjoy the gardens. It's very informative and peaceful. A nice spot to rest. I would return to it. for more info on the Temple and tours in the area,  go to St.George Things To Do

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