Saturday, May 19, 2012

Utah Lake Bass Fishing

This is the season for bass fishing at Utah lake. The bass are spawning and they come right up to the shore line Where people are catching bass by the bucket loads. Come on down and give it a try. Fisher men waite all year for this to happen. We went yesterday and caught a lot of big bass and catfish. This is the time to go before the mosquitoes come out and eat you a live. Next weekend will be even better because the water was still not warm enough yet and it needs to be a little warmer for spawning to take off. If you need any fishing supplies before you head to Utah lake stop be the Western Fly Fishing shop in sat lake city and mention this blog and get 10% off your purchase. Located on 11th east and 9th south. They also have fishing guides and fly fishing classes 801.521.6424

Monday, May 14, 2012

Utah Fly Fishing

Dedicated to making the most of your fly fishing experience in Utah. They have the best trained fly fishing guides in the state. Choose a company that has been around for over 20 years and licensed and trained for outdoor adventure. The fly fishing shop is located in salt lake city and they have every thing you need for fly fishing. They also give fly fishing classes and classes on  Entomology (The study of insects) so you know what fly's to use during the different seasons. For your next vacation in Utah or if you live here and want to learn how to fly fish choose the best company in Utah Western Rivers Flyfisher. Book a guide now and lets go fly fishing. Find there adds on salt lake things to do and park city things to do under activities and outdoors.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Liberty Park Festival

On sat may 12 liberty park had a music and arts festival with lots of music, arts, food and fun things to do for kids, come down and see some local artist and some of the top bands in Utah. Grab a bit to eat and support our local food vendors. Great weekend to bring the family to the park and enjoy the festival fun and games. Here are some pic of one of Utah local artist and his creations! Check out him and his art on face book at Original hooligan art

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Provo things to do

“Lowes Xtreme Air Sports has 3 huge foam pits, several euro trampolines, 50 ft and 40 ft long tumble tracks,  aeroball,  climbing wall overhanging pit, double minis, 2 wall sessions, and more to come!  We have a special play area for kids under 6.  Fun for all ages!  We also have a party room you can schedule for your birthday party or other event.  All this for less than the price of a going to a movie. This place is so much fun you will love it! Great place to bring the hole family. Even dads and moms love to get on the trampolines and bounce around. Provo things to do

Monday, May 7, 2012

Park City Things To Do

Take a tour to park city to see the mountain town where some of the most famous ski resorts are in the world, deer valley got voted number one ski resort five years in a row. Summer or winter park city is a great place to go on vacation. Park city things to do is the best info site to go to. Find every thing you need to know on what to do for fun in park city.  park city things to do

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Visiting SLC? find What to do

Visiting SLC? need to find things to do? well congratulations you found the number one resource for just that! Salt Lake Things To Do find what to do right now! Find places to eat, places to sleep, Nightlife, Outdoor Activities, ect. just about anything that you can imagine to do in the slc area you will find it right here..

If your outside the SLC area visiting Utah Things To Do is a great resource

Friday, May 4, 2012

Things to do in Provo

The Utah valley chamber just held one of the first meetings in the new Provo convention center. This new convention center is going to bring a lot of money to the local businesses. Now Provo can hold big conventions and all the hotels and restaurant in the area will make lots of money along with many other companies. Provo is becoming a big city and we needed this convention center to bring it all together. So come on a tour and see the new building! for ideas on what to do in Provo go to this site Provo things to do

Provo things to do

Every thing you need to know about what to do in Provo Utah. If your a business owner join the Utah valley  chamber and meet other business owners to promote your company and learn other ways to increase your profits and make your company grow, they do lots of events . So Join now and learn more about the community and other business owners. Utah valley  chamber Provo Utah is a fast growing community and lots of  great company's making lots of money. Web page Utah Valley chamber. For things to do in Provo go to this site Provothingstodo