Thursday, August 6, 2015

Great Salt Lake

Come on our tour out to the Great Salt Lake
See the nature bird habitat along the great salt lake, learn the history of the salt lake from the early 1700s, We bring you out to the salt lake marina and teach you the history of the salt lake and how it got here. Watch a movie and read the history in the visitor center. If you want to float in the great salt lake we will walk you out in the water and take care of you the hole time.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Salt Lake City Things To Do

Salt Lake City Things To Do

Come on our city tour and learn the history of Utah. See the historical homes and the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounding the valley. Ride on the historical Mormon train through the old pioneer village. Salt lake city tours is the best way to see the city. Book your next tour with Salt Lake City Guided Tours.

Come visit This is the place heritage park and take a historical train ride learning the history of the pioneers.

Book your next tour with Salt lake city guided tours. We walk you in the historical buildings and tell you the history. 

Salt lake city things to do , go to the Mormon temple square and learn the history , see the organ recital.

Salt Lake City Things To Do. See the fountains on temple square and in the new city creek mall.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Park City Things To Do Olympic Park

Park City Things To Do Olympic Park
You must visit park city and go to the Olympic park this summer. They have Olympic athletes training all summer long and you can watch them do there big jumps , see them do flips and aerials into the swimming pool. They have zip-lines , alpine slide and a new adventure course.  You can also book a ride on the bobsled for the ride or your life. Sunday is a great day to take your family because afterwards you can drive into park city for the summer farmers market.

Down town Park City Sunday market

Olympic Park ski jumps

Monday, May 25, 2015

Utah National Parks

Utah National Parks
Utah has the most National Parks of any other state. Yellowstone is only 6 hours away from Salt Lake City. Next time your planning a vacation come to Utah Salt Lake City and go to our famous national parks like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, The Arches State Park. All the big tour companies start in Salt Lake City and take you to all the Utah National Parks or you can rent a car and go visit the parks on your own. When in Salt Lake City take a tour with saltlakecityguidedtours

Monument Valley 


Zions National Park

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Salt Lake City Things To Do

The best things to do in salt lake city

Go to the temple grounds and see the Organ Recital for free and visit the temple grounds. Take a drive up to the Wasatch mountains up big cottonwood canyon and it is the best sightseeing for wilderness. Eat at the Red Rock Brewery for some local food and great beer. You must see the Great Salt Lake, so take a short drive out to the harbor on the Great Salt Lake and see why Salt Lake City got its name.

Wasatch mountains, Rock Climbers, Wild Life and great sightseeing.


Down Town Salt Lake City, One of the cleanest and safe city to walk around and enjoy your self.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Big Cottonwood Canyon Hike

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Best place to get out of the city and take a walk in the wilderness and walk around a lake at the top of the hill called Silver lake. Or go on a day hike in the woods up to one of the many lakes in the Wasatch mountains. You can see many rock climbers on the steep rock cliffs as you drive up the mountain.


Wild Moose All Over The Canyon

Silver Lake At The Top Of The Canyon


Monday, May 18, 2015

Antelope Island Great Salt Lake

Antelope Island In The Great Salt Lake

When your staying in Salt Lake City take a drive or a tour out to Antelope Island and see the wild buffalo up close. You can drive around the island and get very close to wild buffalo. Antelope Island is in the great salt lake , so you get to see the best of the great salt lake and see wild buffalo. Make sure you see the old historical farm house and drive up to buffalo point.

Book your tour with saltlakecityguidedtours
(801)654-6763. This tour company knows where the buffalo are and what to do to keep you save on the island. Find us on Twitter and like us for a $5 discount on any tour.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Great Salt Lake Sunset Tour

The Great Salt Lake Sunset. Come to the harbor to experience some of the best sunsets in Utah at the great salt lake . In the harbor you are close to the water and a great place to watch great salt lake sunsets, Walk down to the water and taste how saltier the great salt lake water is. The water is so salty you can float like a cork when you go swimming. saltlakecityguidedtours

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Utah things to do Wasatch Mountain Tour

The Wasatch mountain is the first thing you need to see when you visit Utah in the Salt lake city area. Our Wasatch mountain are part of the Rocky mountains and they are breath taking to experience. The rock climbers are all over the step rock cliffs, and the raging er along the mountain road, SILVER LAKE AT THE TOP OF BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON IS THE BEST NATURE WALK THAT ANY AGE PERSON CAN DO.

Great way to do sightseeing in the mountains is go with a tour guided. We recommend salt lake city guided tours for the best experience to learn the history and get to the best sightseeing spots Book Now (801)654-6763

salt lake city guided tours

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Utah things to do

Utah tours is the best way to see salt lake city and the surrounding area when you are on vacation in Utah. We do mountain tours, Park city tours, Great salt lake tours and lots more, see our website for more info.salt lake city guided tour  Book Now (801)654-6763

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Utah tours

Utah tours book with Utah tours for your next tour in in Salt Lake City. We do Mountain tours, City tours, Great salt lake tours, Park city tours and lots more. (801)654-6763