Thursday, June 30, 2016

Salt lake city Utah VIP tours

Utah has the best VIP tours. Salt lake city VIP tours with tech you the history and walk you through the best historical buildings. Take our Grand city tour. Book on line or call for tours and times.(801)654-6763


  1. What a fun day we had with you. As someone that comes out of the USA you were able to show special things that only a native would. We came thirsty to know the history of this place and you were able to not only teach us so many things but made Utah the best vacation place of my family's life. I will never be thankful enough!!!!

    After all as promised, you delivered the most fun day of our foreign family.
    Everyone wants to try the Great Salt Lake one again.
    We would like to keep updated on how to maintain contact with YOU BRETT, and not be surprised with unauthorized people to carry us to "God knows where".
    Your kindness in carrying my grandfather in his wheel chair up/down, in/out of the car. I will never be thankful enough!

    Have a great Holiday weekend!

    The Souza's family

  2. Salt lake things to do
    There is so much to do in the salt lake valley. Take a tour when you arrive to learn all about the salt lake city valley and the great history of Utah . Start with the salt lake city and then go see the great salt lake (American Dead Sea). Next tour take up to the Rocky Mountains (Wasatch Mountains).This is what to do in salt
    lake city.